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The OpenEd LTI Resource Search client is a command line tool allows searching by various criteria against any LTI Resource Search compliant Learning Object Repository.  Criteria include keyword search, search by learning objective (expressed as CASE or human readable names).   Results are returned as text of the resource names and URLs.    

It has been tested against Knovation, the IMS Global test system, and OpenEd.  As other LORs adopt the standard it will be tested against those as well. 

It is also open sourced under Apache2 license and full source is available at  It is written in Ruby but the techniques should apply to any programming language.   If you are considering accessing an LTI Resource Search supporting LOR inside your ed tech tool (such as an LMS or assessment system) this code should help you implement your own client much faster. 

LTI Resource Search
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git clone
Apache 2
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passes LTI Resource Search client conformance

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