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Common Cartridge (CC) is a set of open standards developed by the 1EdTech member community that enable interoperability between content and systems. Common Cartridge basically solves two problems. The first is to provide a standard way to represent digital course materials for use in online learning systems so that such content can be developed in one format and used across a wide variety of learning systems (e.g. course management systems, learning management systems, virtual learning environments, or instructional management systems). The second is to enable new publishing models for online course materials and digital books that are modular, web-distributed, interactive, and customizable.

  • It’s a standardized way to package and exchange digital learning materials and assessments.
  • It’s a standardized way to import and export course materials to and from your 1EdTech Conformance Certified Learning Management System, Portal, Learning Object Repository or other Learning Platform.
  • It’s a standardized way to exchange links and provide authorization to third party web-based learning tools via Learning Tools Interoperability.

Common Cartridge® (CC®)/Thin Common Cartridge® (TCC®) 1.4 expands upon the legacy specification to include new features: a K-12 profile, built from required metadata; the ability to align to CASE standards; support for the upcoming 1EdTech specification OpenVideo; and adds line items to LTI links. This version extends the interoperability already existing in CC/TCC and provides additional benefits to K20 institutions when publishers take advantage of the K-12 profile.

Supporting documentation for this release will include certification instructions for core CC, TCC, and adding the K-12 profile in either CC or TCC (four certification options in total); instructions on installation of a CC/TCC via LTI deep linking; best practices; and new use case support.

Thin Common Cartridges can contain only LTI Links, weblinks and metadata.


Thin Common Cartridge (Thin CC) is a profile of Common Cartridge which greatly reduces that types of objects that can be included. Thin CCs only contain:

  • Learning Tools Interoperability® Links
  • Web Links
  • Metadata




The K-12 Profile

Version 1.4 of both Common Cartridge and Thin Common Cartridge support a K-12 Profile, which requires additional metadata deemed necessary to support 21st Century learning models for K-12 students, such as mastery-based, individualized, differentiated or personalized instruction. The profile supports additional meta-tagging requirements (both required and optional) that address the need to access multiple and varied instructional resources for each lesson or topic from within a Learning Object Repository or a Learning Management System. 

Choosing Common Cartridge or Thin Common Cartridge

Districts and publishers should discuss whether a full Common Cartridge or Thin Common Cartridge is best. 

  • A full Common Cartridge often contains the actual learning content as well as additional resources, such as quizzes, tests, and instructional materials. Common Cartridge files, alignments, and lessons reside in the importing system.
  • On the other hand, the lightweight structure of a Thin Common Cartridge supports rapid development and deployment of publisher content aligned to learning standards to district systems. In a Thin Common Cartridge, resources reside in the publishers’ servers, giving them control over the integrity of the material and its intellectual property.

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