Agile open architecture & extensive ecosystem

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Agile Open Architecture & Extensive Ecosystem

With a technical foundation supported by 1EdTech standards you can evolve teaching and learning platforms, tools, resources and apps to the needs of your institution, faculty and students. 1EdTech provides an open architecture that no one organization owns but a majority of the global leaders in EdTech contribute to and agree to follow. Look for the 1EdTech conformance certification to ensure products and partners are verified to be implementing the 1EdTech open standards.
1EdTech is the largest and most vibrant technical collaboration of EdTech leaders worldwide and is continuing to experience dramatic growth
When you "plug-in" to the 1EdTech community you have added an unparalleled force multiplier by becoming part of the largest EdTech ecosystem in the world. Your membership in 1EdTech means your organization is doing its part to lower EdTech costs and increase the options for innovation by like-minded organizations around the world.