Join the Question and Test Interoperability2/ Accessible Portable Item Protocol Alliance

IMS Alliances are for the purpose of ensuring interoperability in practice and keeping implementing organizations current on the evolution of a specific set of IMS standards. Alliances were established at the request of the IMS members.  The IMS members wanted support to make reliable interoperability a reality and wanted to avoid the need for every implementing organization to reinvest in the tools, processes, and interactions to integrate with every platform. In the Alliance IMS provides this support at a fraction of the cost and, most importantly, steps in on an ongoing basis to resolve issues that arise.

Under the Alliances, IMS provides extensive support to implement conformant products. When testing is completed, IMS issues a conformance mark that IMS stands behind. What this means is that IMS will get involved directly in any issues that arise and work across organizations to resolve. 

Joining in the Alliance and working through the process in the only way to achieve official IMS conformance. Conformance seals are only issued to and maintained with current IMS Alliance, Affiliate and Contributing Members. IMS does this in order to deliver on interoperability in practice on an ongoing basis. This benefits large and small organizations alike in creating and maintaining a vital, innovative, and open marketplace for educational technology products! 

Institutions, companies and organizations
Participation in the QTI2/APIP Alliance is open to educational institutions, not-for-profit and for-profit organizations. This entitles you to:

  • Participation in the support community for implementation of QTI2 or APIP.
  • Participation in the conformance community for implementation of QTI2 or APIP.
  • Participate in the Accredited Profile Management Group which manages maintenance, evolution, and new releases of these specifications (Note: voting in the APMG is restricted to IMS Contributing Members).
  • APIP and QTI2 news updates of new tools and meetings and a discussion forum.
  • Listing as an Alliance member on IMS GLC web site.
  • Use of IMS logo on your web and in your literature.
  • Receipt of the Members Dispatch - a members-only monthly newsletter
  • Ability to use relevant IMS trademarked terms on your web site and marketing materials in accordance with IMS guidelines
  • Apply appropriate conformance logos to products you offer which have successfully passed the corresponding conformance test.
  • Opportunity to participate in APIP/ QTI 2 Alliance presence at conferences and exhibitions.
  • Discounted registration fees for Learning Impact Leadership Institute Conference.


You may pay online with a credit card, or request an invoice be emailed to you below. Note: Access and participation do not begin until payment is received.

Corporations with over $50M US annual revenue: $7,500 US annual

Corporations with over $10M US and less than $50M US revenue: $3,500 US annual

Corporations  under $10M US revenue: $1,500 US annual

Government organizations with over $50M US annual operating budget:  $7,500 US annual

Government organizations with over $10M US and
less than $50M annual operating budget:  $3,500 US annual

Government organizations under $10M US revenue: $1,500 US annual

Higher education institutions with over $500M US annual operating budget:  $3,500 US annual

Higher education institutions with over $50M US and less
than $500M US annual operating budget: $2,500 US annual

Higher education institutions with under $50M US annual operating budget:  $1,500 US annual

Community colleges or FE institutions of any size:  $1,500 US annual

K-12 or schools organization:  $1000 US annual

I agree to the Terms and Conditions
Please email me an invoice. Note: Access and participation do not begin until payment is received. If you wish to pay by credit card, do not check send me an invoice.