CASE in Action (Recorded Webinar)

CASE in Action: A Better Way to Connect Academic Standards and Competencies through Digital Delivery

Event Date: Wednesday, 20 September 2017

Learning standards or competencies guide instructors to focus learning on critical thinking, problem-solving, and mastery of digital age skills. Strong academic standards help ensure that students receive coherent preparation aligned with the demands of the real world.

States and higher education institutions often publish their standards in static pdf files. This presents challenges for technology vendors who must ingest the standards into their platforms, applications, and tools. It also presents risks for educators concerned that their learning standards may be interpreted by a third party.

This is why 1EdTech Consortium members have developed a framework for publishing learning standards and competencies in a digital, machine-readable format. This new technical standard is called Competencies and Academic Standards Exchange™ (CASE™). In this webinar, hear why Georgia Department of Education published their learning standards in the CASE format and how this is impacting teaching and learning in districts across the state. You’ll also learn ways to easily and quickly convert static, digital documents containing learning standards into the CASE format using open-source tools.

PanelistsRay Baranoski, Senior Software Developer, SAFARI Montage; Brandon Dorman, Senior Manager, OpenEd Content, ACT; James Gambrell, Research Scientist, ACT; Greg Nadeau, Manager, Public Consulting Group; Dr. Keith Osburn, Associate Superintendent for Virtual Learning, Georgia Department of Education; Pepper Williams, Director of Education and Research, SchoolCity

Moderator: Jill Hobson, 1EdTech Institutional Program Manager

(56 minutes)

If you have questions about CASE, please contact Jill Hobson at