Closing the Gaps to Improve Student-Centered Learning (Recorded Webinar)

Closing the Gaps to Improve Student-Centered Learning

Event Date: Wednesday, 18 October 2017

Learning analytics are a key tool in moving to a student-centered approach to learning. Students must be able to analyze their own activity and assessment data if they are to take ownership of their own learning. With the myriad of platforms, applications and content publishers that are being used in education today, aggregating these data can be challenging. Open, interoperable, standards provide a solution to this challenge. Hear from districts that are using a next generation learning environment to overcome the challenges of data coming from multiple sources. Learn how a plug-and-play ecosystem can reduce the barrier to achieving this goal.

Presenters: Rob Stratton, Lee County Schools (FL) and Jamey Hynds, Katy Independent School District (TX)
Moderator: Jill Hobson, 1EdTech Institutional Program Manager

This is the fifth in a series of seven webinars hosted by 1EdTech with special guests from school districts.

(50 minutes)