Effective member-based collaboration

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Effective Member-Based Collaboration

The Future of EdTech Starts Here!

IMS Global has proven that leading educational institutions and EdTech suppliers can work together to lead the sector forward in terms of innovation and impact. After 10 years of dramatic growth IMS Global has become one of the largest and most influential standards consortia in the world.

Why? IMS Global work creates market opportunity for leading suppliers and a proven road to affordable and scalable innovation for leading institutions.

There have been, are and will continue to be company–specific "open" APIs from numerous sources outside the IMS community that are published in hopes of creating an advantage for one or a select set of suppliers. Such efforts do not give the EdTech sector the choice, flexibility and agility we seek. In IMS the members are creating a fair "playing field" that helps all equally. Membership Totals for 2005-2016

IMS has a strong history for incubating and nurturing the ideas that have become the cornerstones for EdTech, from the LMS system to today’s flexible and diverse learning ecosystems, encompassing apps and tools, e-assessment, analytics and digital credentialing.  As a member of IMS your organization has the opportunity to join EdTech leaders around the world to help shape the future of educational technologies. This future holds the potential for enormous payoffs in areas such as learner engagement, student success and teacher effectiveness, as well as financial dividends for your institution. 

You simply will not find a larger or more productive collaboration of EdTech leaders anywhere in the world; all devoted to advancing innovation in support of learning. When you join IMS Global Learning Consortium with its 20+-year track record for advancing EdTech, your organization joins other progressive thinkers, all working to towards the shared goal of creating a flexible, sustainable learning technology ecosystem.