2017-Sept-07 OB Workgroup minutes

2017-Sept-07 OB Workgroup minutes

Open Badges Workgroup

07 September 2017



Workgroup forum (agendas, minutes, discussion)

Current published 1EdTech OB 2.0 standard

GitHub repository (2.0)

Project timeline

1EdTech Intellectual Property Statement

Workgroup Chair

Tim Cook

1EdTech Staff

Jeff Bohrer

Markus Gylling



Streaming recording (available for 30 days)

Attendance: Alex Hripak (Credly), Alex Reis (D2L), Andy Creighton (ADL), Brett Herzog (ProExam), Jarin Schmidt (Acclaim), Kim Duffy (Learning Machine), Nate Otto (CSky), Phil Long (UT-Austin), Steve Gance (WA CTC), Viktor Haag (D2); 1EdTech: Jeff Bohrer, Mark Leuba, Markus Gylling


  1. Welcome / Introductions / Announcements

    • Mark L announced following the routine 1EdTech IP statement reading that 1EdTech was made aware of a patent awarded to Salesforce regarding digital credentials.

      • Mark: “Members should ask their attorneys to review the patent (of which we should make them aware in next meetings of the relevant groups) with respect to whether the patent is “necessarily infringed” in order to implement interoperability using any of the existing or proposed standards. 1EdTech’s purview of concern with respect to IP is the implementation of the standards. In other words, is a supplier forced to violate that patent in implementing the standards?”

    • Welcome and thank you to Jarin Schmidt, director of Acclaim services at Pearson for serving as co-chair.

  2. Follow-ups from last meeting

    • Jeff clarified that 1EdTech certification testing must be done against production environments. A pre-certification test run can be done with non-production systems.

  3. Quick updates

    • Specification issues check (Github) - No new issues.

    • 1EdTech OB 2.0 Validator project:

      • Nate added new comments to issue #131. Workgroup briefly discussed gave a few comments of support to the documented in 131.

      • Code repository is now located at

  4. Certification Requirements (doc)

    • “Badge Host” will be used to refer to badge systems that aggregate and host badges for recipients.

    • Discussion about expectations for badge issuers to respond to verification requests. Slight wording clarification added to requirement and new suggestions captured for Recommended Practices doc.

    • Workgroup approved these requirements as final.


Upcoming events

  • Next workgroup meetings: all meet at 12:00 ET

    • Sept. 21

    • Oct. 5, 19

    • Nov. 2, 16, 30

    • Dec 14; Jan 4, 18;

  • 1EdTech Quarterly meeting, Nov. 7 - 10, 2017, Microsoft Headquarters, Seattle/Redmond, WA

  • 1EdTech Open Badges Community Meeting (online), November. Date/Time TBD

  • 1EdTech Quarterly meeting & Digital Credentials Summit, Feb. 26 - Mar. 1, 2018, ASU, Scottsdale, AZ