Procurement Strategies To Evolve Your Digital Ecosystem (Recorded Webinar)

Procurement Strategies To Evolve Your Digital Ecosystem

With 1EdTech Conformance Certified Products, school districts can confidently begin to establish a plug-and-play ecosystem. 1EdTech’s conformance certification program guarantees interoperability among a wide range of products. During this webinar, district leaders shared proven strategies for procurement and processes for working across divisions to increase understanding and support for open technologies.

Guest Speakers: Barbara Nesbitt, Executive Director of Technology, Pickens County School District (SC); Dwayne Alton, Director of Infrastructure Services, School District of Lee County (FL); Rob Stratton, Coordinator for Instructional Materials, Media and Instructional Technology, School District of Lee County (FL)

Event Date: Wednesday, 21 February 2018

Procurement Strategies Webinar Highlights

  • Barbara Nesbitt from Pickens County School District shared how her district’s procurement process has changed as a result of working with 1EdTech; she shares the district's success in implementing 1EdTech standards such as OneRoster, LTI, and Common Cartridge.
    • Barbara discussed how easy it is to get senior management to see the value in the adoption of 1EdTech standards
  • Dwayne Alton and Rob Stratton from Lee County Schools shared their district’s detailed procurement process; they outline the steps and discuss the timeline the district uses during an adoption or renewal process.
    • Rob highlighted the importance of all district divisions working together to ensure seamless interoperability
    • Dwayne shared the important first steps a district can take when building their digital ecosystem. 
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(42 minutes)

This was the second webinar in the K-12 Digital Learning Revolution series for K-12 district curriculum and technology leaders.

In this series, you will hear from educational leaders at school districts across the U.S. that are revolutionizing their district’s digital learning initiatives based on open, plug-and-play technologies and integrated curriculum architecture that is supported by hundreds of providers of innovative digital resources, tools, and environments.