Advanced Insights and Achievement through Open Badges (Webinar 19 September 2018)

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Advanced Insights and Achievement through Open Badges

Open Badges provide a secure framework to digitally capture and visually present achievements that are verifiable and portable to help learners differentiate their career-readiness or college-readiness in an increasingly competitive world. Are you ready to give your learners new ways to demonstrate their skills? Hear from K-12 leaders who are implementing innovative badging programs and the results they are achieving.

Guest Speakers: TBD

Event Date: Wednesday, 19 September 2018, 2:00 p.m. (ET)

This is the fifth webinar in the K-12 Digital Learning Revolution series for K-12 district curriculum and technology leaders.

In this series, you will hear from educational leaders at school districts across the U.S. that are revolutionizing their district’s digital learning initiatives based on open, plug-and-play technologies and integrated curriculum architecture that is supported by hundreds of providers of innovative digital resources, tools, and environments.

This webinar series is brought to you in partnership with 
The Learning Counsel