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Learning Impact 2011
Plan on joining us for Learning Impact 2011 the 16-19 of May 2011.



Overview & Themes | Detailed Agenda
Monday 16 May | Tuesday 17 May | Wednesday 18 May | Thursday 19 May | Friday 20 May - Extra Meetings!


Monday, 16 May
- Draft Agenda- Subject to Change
Guide: Keynotes , Panel Sessions, Program Tracks

9:30 IMS Member Meeting & Technical Advisory Board Meeting
1:00 The Road to Cool for Ed Tech & Standards: Efficiency, Innovation, and Insight - Click for Synopsis
Rob Abel, Ed.D., CEO, IMS Global Learning Consortium
1:45 Yesterday’s Schools: Why They Cannot Prepare Students for Tomorrow - Click for Synopsis
Julie Young, President and Chief Executive Officer, Florida Virtual School
2:30 Break
3:00 What Are the Big Changes in Online, Classroom, and Assessment Technology in K-12 in the Next 12 Months? - Click for Synopsis
Joe Griffin, Chief Technology Officer, Keller ISD - Moderator
Timothy Beekman, President & Co-Founder, SAFARI Montage
Emilio Bernabei, Director, Global Ecosystem and Marketing Operations, SMART Technologies
Walter (Denny) Way, Senior Vice President, Psychometric & Research Services, Assessment & Information, Pearson
Steve Midgley, Deputy Director, US Department of Education
Torrance Robinson, Co-Founder and Chief Product Officer, eChalk
4:15 Break
4:30 Learning Impact Awards Showcase - Click for Judges

6:00 Reception


Tuesday, 17 May Draft Agenda- Subject to Change

Rob’s Top Ten List: The Top 10 Indications that IMS Has Entered the Mainstream! - How will we know when IMS standards are as well known as Charlie Sheen or Lady Gaga?

9:15 A New Generation of Learning: Conversations on Emerging Technology, Diverse Students, and an Access/Success Challenge

Dr. Mark David Milliron, Deputy Director, Higher Education, Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation (Presentation)
10:00 Break
10:45 eBooks Come (Again!) to Campus: When Will the “Ever-Arriving” Technology Finally Arrive?   - Click for Synopsis
Kenneth C. Green, The Campus Computing Project, Moderator
Isabella Hinds, Director, Digital Strategy and Products, Follett
Jim Behnke, Chief Learning Officer, Pearson
Sean Devine, Chief Executive Officer, CourseSmart
Edward Stanford, McGraw-Hill Education

11:45 Lunch
12:45 Program Track Break Outs
Preparing for the future of learning management, learning tools, & learning analytics (Sponsored by Blackboard)
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Incorporating iPads, notebooks, and eReaders: the new mobile education platforms
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Understanding the next generation of technology to improve balanced assessment
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IMS Campus case studies: Adopting breakthrough digital technology in a scalable and interoperable fashion
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Dinner and Drinks on the Queen Mary **

Join us for a special dinner and drinks on the Queen Mary while enjoying a live band on Tuesday, May 17th from 6-9pm. Transportation between the hotel and the Queen Mary will be provided. An additional $100 is required if you would like to participate and will be added to your registration.


Wednesday, 18 May
Draft Agenda- Subject to Change
9:00 Program Track Break Outs
Exploring new content supplements and alternatives: eBooks, OER (open educational resources), wikis, games, simulations
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Exploiting the next generation of the digital classroom, online, and integrated study tools
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Leading support for personalized learning: Best practice in enabling emerging educational delivery models
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2nd annual interoperability challenge: Suppliers showcase the value of IMS's write once, run anywhere in response to institutional & system member requests
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12:00 Lunch

Innovating Outside the Traditional Learning Management System- Click for Synopsis
William H. Graves, Ph.D., Sr. V.P. for Academic Strategy, SunGard Higher Education, Emeritus Professor, UNC-Chapel Hill - Moderator
Edward Mansouri, CEO,
Felice Nudelman, Executive Director, Education, The New York Times Company
Derek Hamner, CEO, Learning Objects, Inc.
Fabrizio Cardinali, CEO eXact learning solutions NA Inc
Isaac Segal, CEO, Tegrity
John Merlin Williams, Executive Producer, The Digital Media Commons Director, The James and Anne Duderstadt Center, University of Michigan

2:30 - 3:15 A President's Perspective on the Future of Technology and Learning - Click for Synopsis
Dr. Jolene Koester, President, California State University, Northridge
3:15 - 3:45 Break
3:45 - 5:00

The State and Future of Course Management Systems - Click for Synopsis
Curtiss Barnes, Vice President, Corporate Development, Cengage Learning - Moderator
Lou Pugliese, CEO, Moodlerooms
John Baker, CEO, Desire2Learn
Matthew Small, Chief Business Officer, Blackboard
Chris Vento, Executive Vice President, Technology and Development. Cengage Learning
Adrian Sannier,VP Product, Pearson eCollege

5:00- 5:45 Closing Remarks, IMS Participation Awards, LearnSAT Awards, & Learning Impact Awards Ceremony
5:45 Reception

Thursday, 19 May
Draft Agenda- Subject to Change
*Workshops are not automatically included in your Learning Impact Registration. You must sign up and pay for them at the time of registration*

9:30 - 4:00 Workshop:
Developer's Workshop on Digital Learning Services - Click for Synopsis

9:00 - 4:00

IMS Advisory Councils Summit: Advisory Council Priorities for IMS Going Forward

9:00 Opening comments & setting the stage – IMS: Where We Are & Where We Might Go – Rob Abel, IMS

9:20 Panel #1- IMS Executive Strategic Council, facilitated by Dr. Bill Graves, SunGard
A view from the top. What are institutional or system leaders’ priorities and expectations regarding technology?   What are the expectations from standards and IMS? What are the top three priorities for technology initiatives and/or standards the next 12-24 months? Why?

Executive Strategic Council:
William H. Graves, Ph.D., Sr. V.P. for Academic Strategy, SunGard Higher Education, Emeritus Professor, UNC-Chapel Hill - Moderator
Dr. Nicholas H. Allen, Provost Emeritus & Collegiate Professor, University of Maryland University College
John C. Cavanaugh, Ph.D., Chancellor, Pennsylvania State System of Higher Education
Dr. Bernard Luskin, CEO and Senior Provost, Touro College, L.A., Touro University Worldwide
C. Cathleen Raffaeli, President, Potomac College

10:15 Audience Q&A

10:30 Break

11:00 Panel #2- Learning Technology Advisory Council
A view from leaders of online learning & technology. What are leaders responsible for excellence in online or blended learning looking for from technology now? What are the priorities with respect to technology initiatives and interoperability next 12-24 months? Why?

Learning Technology Advisory Council
Kara Monroe, PhD, Executive Director, Center for Instructional Technology, Ivy Tech Community College
Michael Gargano, ED.D, Vice President, LSU System
Robert Johnson, PhD, Executive Director, LSTSC Online

12:00 Lunch

1:00 Facilitated conversation with the audience led by Dr. Bill Graves: Are the priorities discussed so far of high urgency? Can solutions be enabled by the IMS work? Aligning national, institutional, and ICT priorities. What are the global, national, and state forces that are affecting the priorities? What technology strategies and investments will support transformation of service processes?  What are key areas of community collaboration?

2:30 Break

3:00 Panel #3- Chief Information Officer Advisory Council, facilitated by Hilary Baker, California State University, Northridge
The view from Chief Information Officers (CIOs). What are the CIO top priorities? Based on today’s discussion, what priorities do you see for IMS’s work the next 12-24 months?  Are the discussions today ringing true for your campus operations? What are the most impactful opportunities for collaboration among IMS member institutions and systems?

CIO Advisory Council:
Hilary Baker, Vice President for Information Technology and Chief Information Officer, California State University, Northridge , Chair of IMS CIO Advisory Council - Facilitator
Dr. Wayne Brown, Chief Executive Officer, Educators Serving Educators, Executive Director, Excelsior Center for Technology Leadership, Vice President for Information Technology, Excelsior College
David Ernst, Associate Vice President and CIO, University of California, Office of the President
Terence P. Ma, PhD, Chief Information Officer, Touro University Nevada
Patrick Laughran, Associate Vice President for Technology and Chief Information Officer, Framingham State University
Brian Stewart, Vice President, Information Technology, and Chief Information Officer, Athabasca University
Dave Wilson, Chief Technology Officer, Western Governors University

4:00 Final words & adjourn- Rob Abel

Please note that the Accessible Portable Item Protocol Special Interest Group (PUFSIG) is scheduled to meet on Thursday. If you wish to attend this meeting, and are a IMS Member, Affiliate or Alliance Member, please send an email to meetings <at> A meeting fee is required if you are not attending the Learning Impact Conference.

Friday, 20 May
Draft Agenda- Subject to Change
IMS Project Group Meetings at California State University Chancellors Office

The CC/LTI APMG and Question and Test Interoperability Workgroups will meet on Friday.

The CC/LTI APMG will meet from 9am - 12 noon. The Question and Test Interoperability Workgroup will meet from 9am - 12 noon.

If you are an IMS Member, Affiliate or Alliance participant, and wish to attend the Friday meetings, please let us know by sending an email to meetings <at>

Additional Meetings:

Developing and Publishing OER Resources with MERLOT Technologies
9:00 AM to 12:15 PM - Location: Chancellor’s Office Conf Room 610

This workshop is designed for corporations, small businesses, academic entities and others that deliver Open Education Resources (OERs) to their target communities.  Attendees will learn why and how to incorporate MERLOT technologies into their own applications, in either a standalone or integrated fashion.

The sessions will: 1) describe MERLOT and MERLOT tools and web-services; 2) present how the technologies have been implemented by enterprise-wide academic institutions as well as corporations; and 3) provide hands on, "how-to" instruction in integrating MERLOT technologies in Web-based and desktop applications.  There’s something for everyone here - publishers, libraries, and instructional designers/developers, so register early as space is limited.  To register, email MERLOT Webmaster @, to receive your confirmation.

This workshop may be of particular interest to those attending the IMS Learning Impact event. MERLOT is a part of an educational ecosystem, as is IMS.  MERLOT sees the value of IMS to make teaching and learning more effective through community and technical standards.  MERLOT and IMS share many common connections among institutions, content providers / publishers, and technology vendors.

MERLOT has found the strongest engagement to date with IMS Common Cartridge (CC).   MERLOT has already added CC support to ContentBuilder, partnered with SoftChalk which publishes to MERLOT using web services and which supports CC, and includes CC as a Technical format type.

MERLOT is focused on helping people find good content; IMS is focused on helping people integrate content with delivery.  MERLOT is interested in the adoption of OERs throughout education.  One motivation is to lower the cost, which will increase access to education.  Another motivation is to allow for the greatest possible range of materials to be discovered, i.e. choice.  Educational success depends on having the most appropriate material available to the instructor and learner, and MERLOT is the opposite of one-size-fits-all.

MERLOT recognizes that discovering content is only part of the solution; content also must be easy to integrate into whichever delivery mechanisms are in place.  This is a natural area for educational standards.    

MERLOT may develop support for IMS Basic Learning Tools Interoperability (BLTI).  BLTI allows one to access one system (Provider) from another (Consumer), passing contextual information about the consumer.   MERLOT could use this to serve different data based on different contexts, much as we hope to do with OER Finder.  



Agenda Topic


9:00 – 9:15




9:15 – 10:00

MERLOT Technologies and Academic Implementations 

  • Overview of MERLOT
  • Description of MERLOT Web Services and related technologies
  • Systemwide Academic implementation examples


10:00 – 10:15



10:15 – 10:45

Bridging the Gap:  Libraries to Publishers

  • OER Finder
  • Library Services
  • TBA

Marvin Pollard

10:45 – 11:45

Corporate Implementations Hands On Workshop

  • Packing MERLOT Materials as IMS Common Cartridge
  •  Integration Case Studies:
    • Discovering MERLOT Materials through a Blackboard Building Block
    • Submitting Materials to MERLOT from SoftChalk

Jeff Kahn

11:45 – 12:15


Q & A