The 1EdTech Consortium (1EdTech GLC) invites participation in the 1EdTech GLC public community from users of 1EdTech specifications from around the globe. By participating in the 1EdTech GLC public community, through specification development, interoperability trials, leadership activities, and community sharing of best practices, you can help improve the future of learning.

Using 1EdTech GLC Specifications and providing valuable feedback to the 1EdTech GLC public community is one way you can help. Many 1EdTech GLC specifications are consider the worldwide de facto standards in delivering learning technology products and services. 1EdTech specifications set the standard for learning systems and enable information and resource sharing between learning systems components, other business systems, and external systems and repositories. 1EdTech specifications can help you integrate learning systems into your organization; help you share data across different systems from different suppliers, and realize benefits from your investments in learning technology.

1EdTech GLC offers over 16 specifications in various areas of learning technology- from accessibility to web services. The specifications have varying degrees of implementation and adoption. 1EdTech GLC is eager to get your involvement and input. Many organizations around the world experiment with, distribute, profile, extend, translate, and otherwise make use of 1EdTech GLC specifications. It is absolutely essential for the vitality of 1EdTech GLC and for ongoing improvement of 1EdTech GLC work that the users connect in with the 1EdTech GLC public community. 1EdTech GLC works include copyright legends and for some purposes, a license to use. The purpose of the legends and license are to provide usage rights, encourage users of 1EdTech works to provide feedback to the 1EdTech GLC public community and to enable enforcement of interoperability.

The following 1EdTech GLC public community link provides a summary and primer of the various ways in which 1EdTech GLC specifications are typically used and provides details on how to get involved: How to Use 1EdTech Documents - Join the Public Community

Government entities, educational or training institutions, and product or service companies interested in formal participation in 1EdTech GLC through membership or subscription should read about the types of formal affiliations.