1EdTech GLC:1EdTech Consortium releases Recommended Practices for Adoption of Service Oriented Architecture for Enterprise Systems in Education

1EdTech Consortium releases Recommended Practices for Adoption of Service Oriented Architecture for Enterprise Systems in Education

Public forum requests feedback and provides facility for continued discussion on SOA best practices for the education vertical worldwide

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Lake Mary, Florida, USA -23 June 2009.  1EdTech GLC announced today the release of a public draft, “'Adoption of Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) for Enterprise Systems in Education: Recommended Practices.“ This paper provides information on the current state of SOA concepts, tools and practices and provides guidance on when adoption of SOA is appropriate as a means to overcome information technology challenges in the education segment. Based on both theoretical practice and real world expertise, the contributors to this white paper provide real world use cases where SOA adoption has proven to be beneficial.  The outcome is a prescriptive approach to SOA concepts as exemplified through use cases with a descriptive approach to the potential tools and practices of SOA implementation.
In addition to providing the whitepaper, 1EdTech GLC has set up a moderated public forum, located at /community/forum/index.cfm?forumid=10 to continue the discussion about SOA in Education and to answer questions, allow for feedback prior to the final release, and provide an environment to share current work, concerns, and ideas in this area.

"At Oracle, our goal for the education industry is to create a vendor agnostic view of SOA today and provide recommended adoption practices based on the context of the industry's needs and from real world implementations in the industry. We agreed to co-chair the SOA workgroup specifically because 1EdTech GLC is well-positioned to foster an industry-wide dialogue with the goal of achieving standards that are beneficial for all stakeholders. The workgroup has attempted to keep the material produced at a high level in order to inform C-level executives, while giving the technologists, implementers and vendors an idea of where to start.  We believe the SOA white paper and ongoing discussions via the 1EdTech GLC will be a valuable resource for higher education institutions around the world," stated Curtiss Barnes, Vice President, Industry Product Strategy, Education & Research, Oracle Corp.

"IBM is committed to open standards and advancing interoperability to improve business results and protect client investments in technology. IBM is pleased to have been a co-chair of this important work in defining SOA practices for Education. Service Oriented Architectures promise to speed implementations, lower costs, and improve the flexibility of business processes, but it requires collaboration and support from vendors and customers to accomplish. This workgroup has achieved a significant milestone in developing common approaches for Education," said Mike King, Vice President, Global Education Industry, IBM

The intended outcome of SOA adoption as recommended in this white paper is to improve interoperability both internal and external to an institution, to realize cost savings over time by adopting reusable and open standard IT services, and to align IT services ever more closely with the services that the institution provides to its ecosystem. These outcomes can be achieved today in education through a phased service oriented approach. To read the whitepaper, and participate in the discussion visit:

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