IMS GLC:IMS Global Learning Consortium Announces Participation in the Accessible Portable Item Project

IMS Global Learning Consortium Announces Participation in the Accessible Portable Item Project
IMS Question and Test and Access for All Interoperability Standards Featured in U.S. Department of Education Grant


Lake Mary, Florida, USA – 19 October 2009 – The IMS Global Learning Consortium (IMS GLC) today announced that the consortium will be a major participant in a grant awarded from the U.S. Department of Education designed to help increase the efficiency with which tests are administered and the speed with which results are returned to schools. The Accessible Portable Item Project (APIP - see ) features a consortium of eight states, led by the Minnesota Department of Education. The aim of the project is to specify the technical standards for test items that are accessible for students with a variety of needs and are portable across computer-based delivery systems, utilizing the IMS GLC QTI and Access for All interoperability standards.

“IMS is extremely pleased to see that the broad adoption of QTI worldwide and the pioneering achievements of Access for All has led to this project in which the K-12 end user community will be collaborating across states to improve educational outcomes,” said Dr. Rob Abel, Chief Executive Officer of IMS GLC. “The state of Minnesota and Nimble Assessment Systems deserve tremendous credit for bringing together this project and consortium.”

“The IMS QTI and Access for All standards are exciting because they can enable improved assessment and remediation in both formative and summative assessment scenarios,” commented Dr. Michael Russell, President and Director of Research at Nimble Assessment Systems. “Support for QTI standards by leading learning management software providers means that assessment data can be made available directly to the teacher in an easy to use format, as well as to administrators – and that assessment data across a variety of systems can be combined.”

IMS Global is supported by over 135 organizations – the world’s leaders in educational and learning technology, including leading learning technology product suppliers and publishers, leading institutions of learning and training, and leading government and professional consortia. IMS member organizations are encouraged to participate in demonstrations to show support for APIP in their products and services. Non-member organizations can easily get involved as well. QTI support is provided through the IMS Common Cartridge Alliance. Interested parties should contact .

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