IMS Global Learning Consortium Announces Open-Standards Requirements for Digital Content and Application Integration


IMS Member K-12 Districts and Higher Education Institutions Are Leading the Charge for Open-Standards Based Integration as Education Evolves to e-Textbooks, Digital Video & Interactive Digital Formats

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Lake Mary, Florida, USA – 19 February 2013 – The IMS Global Learning Consortium (IMS Global) today announced at the IMS quarterly meeting at Lone Star College, USA, the availability of a new briefing document providing public guidance to districts and states regarding how to achieve open-standards based integration of digital curriculum materials based on the IMS standards.

The brief 4-page document, Open-Standards Requirements for Digital Content and Application Integration with Enterprise Learning Platform  is meant for states and K12 school districts that wish to put in place an evolutionary path to digital education that has grass-roots support from the education industry.  The document provides guidance for integrating digital content and applications using open standards to enterprise systems, such as Learning Management Systems, Instructional Management Systems, Educational Resource Portals, Content Management IMS ConformanceSystems, Student Systems, etc.  Most importantly there are already more than 140 conformance certifications that have been issued by IMS across a very wide variety of platforms and content sources (see

"We are working to get the word out to states, districts, universities, systems and professional associations that it is possible TODAY  to achieve rapid, low cost integration of innovative digital content and applications without being dependent on an API from one vendor, foundation, or government project,” said Rob Abel, Chief Executive of the non-profit IMS Global Learning Consortium. “Many states, for instance, are interested in putting in place policies for open-standards based integration of digital curriculum but may be unaware that the solution is available today from a wide and growing array of educational technology suppliers.”

"While there are many interesting initiatives emerging, such as the Shared Learning Collaborative and the Learning Registry, the key problem that needs to be solved going forward is rapid and cost-effective integration of digital curriculum seamlessly for the use of teachers and students,” commented Bailey Mitchell, Chief Technology and Information Officer, Forsyth County School District, GA. "IMS certified products is the way to get there so that districts and suppliers both don’t need to create costly custom approaches.”

The IMS standards for digital content and applications are being championed currently by more than 60 states, districts, higher education institutions, and systems. A full list of IMS supporters can be found here: /membersandaffiliates.html

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