Seamless plug & play integration

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Seamless Plug & Play Integration

1EdTech interoperability standards save time, cut costs, and improve system integrations by a factor of 10 to 1000 when compared to connecting custom APIs. That's because every 1EdTech certified application uses the same open standards to connect. These savings are apparent to both suppliers and institutional staff responsible for EdTech integrations.

Low cost and rapid integration means that an institution has the flexibility and agility to safely add learning tools, digital content and applications to meet the diverse needs across the curriculum. These digital resources can be organized as an institution desires via either a single or multiple points of access (such as a learning management system, portal or learning object repository).

When applications using conformance certified 1EdTech standards are integrated it creates a more seamless, productive and innovative exerience: teachers and students are automatically logged in and important data, such as rosters and rich outcome analytics are automatically exchanged. This means that teachers, students and parents can view progress and proficiency from multiple tools and digital resources in one place.

1EdTech inside means Better Learning from Better Learning Technology!