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K-12 Standards in Action

K-12 Standards in Action

Baltimore County Public SchoolsForsyth County Schools


Plug-and-Play with Vetted Security and Privacy

Baltimore County Public Schools in Maryland is committed to ensuring the learning platforms, apps, and content in their digital ecosystem protect student data privacy. Before implementing new apps or tools the district reviews the products using a survey and thorough investigation that meets the specific needs of BCPS’ K-12 ecosystem. BCPS’ investigation includes relevant portions of the 1EdTech App Vetting Rubric as well as other industry standards.

After confirming that the apps meet their security and privacy needs, they subscribe to the apps and upload the Common Cartridges of the digital content and assessment items in QTI format, when possible, to the learning management system (LMS). They assign the specific resources to courses, classes, and students with  OneRoster and then add the resources to the LMS to create new activities or assignments.  LTI Core is used for secure launch and authentication by students as they use the tools and apps in a plug-and-play environment. 

This experience is powered by App Vetting, Common Cartridge, LTI Core, QTI, and OneRoster.

Personalized Algebra I


Aniyah, a ninth-grade Algebra I student in Forsyth County Schools, Georgia, opens an assignment in the district’s learning management system (LMS) from a third-party tool with the use of LTI. She watches a video about factoring polynomials and then completes independent practice with real-time feedback and scoring. 

Aniyah’s score and usage metrics, such as the number of attempts is immediately available to both Aniyah and Ms. Rivera, her teacher. Because Ms. Rivera set up a conditional release of content based on assignment progress, the LMS is able to use Aniyah’s performance data to inform the next assignment, determining whether Aniyah needs remediation, more practice, or is ready to move on to the next activity. With the push of a button, Ms. Rivera controls when Aniyah’s score is transferred from the LMS to the student information system (SIS) gradebook with OneRoster requiring no manual entry and freeing up time to plan for more instruction.

This experience is powered by OneRoster and LTI.