1EdTech and IlliniCloud

IlliniCloud is conducting a series of webinars showcasing various technologies and solutions. In the webinar scheduled on October 26, Joaquin Alvarez will discuss how 1EdTech standards are necessary to enable personalized and cost effective systems. The content is geared toward technology and curriculum leaders from various schools and districts within IL, but the webinar is open to anyone who wants to join.

How to Design an Efficient Digital Learning Environment that is Intuitive for Users and Cost Effective for Institutions

Proprietary systems can inhibit personalized learning. Interoperability is the key to cutting through the clutter of an ever-growing myriad of learning systems and applications, and turning it into a learner-centered and friendly ecosystem.

1EdTech is leading the way to make it easier for K-12 districts and service providers to connect, share, and integrate disparate data systems. 1EdTech certified products work together for the benefit of instructors, students and institutions. Join this webinar to learn more about how school districts implementing 1EdTech standards as part of their digital strategy can:

  • reduce costs through integration and interoperability standards;

  • save time in development and deployment;

  • avoid the need for custom solutions;

  • ease the safe and secure access and rostering of students to rich learning systems and content; and

  • simplify the gathering of learning outcomes resulting in better data access and educational insight.