1EdTech Europe LTI Advantage Technical Session


25 March 2021

This session will consist of an introduction to LTI Advantage and its services, with demonstrations of the usages and benefits that come with it.

Purpose: Learn more about LTI Advantage, so you can start implementing and getting certified!

Part 1

Includes an overview of the new 1EdTech security model and how it builds on open standards such as OpenID Connect (OIDC) and OAuth 2.0 to make LTI Advantage secure and reliable. This introduction is suitable for beginners and non-developers.

Part 2

Takes a deeper dive into implementing LTI Advantage, including best practices, and a look at both the core and extension specifications from a technical standpoint. This session will also be a great opportunity to get any technical questions you have answered, to help accelerate your LTI Advantage implementations.

  • Facilitators: Martin Lenord (Turnitin); Stef Schenkelaars (Drieam); and Bracken Mosbacker (1EdTech Consortium)



All times CET (Amsterdam, Berlin, Paris time zone)

Part 1

  • 14.00 – Attendee Introductions

  • 14.30 – High level intro to LTI

  • 15.15 – Break

Part 2

  • 15.30 – Deep dive: OIDC, OAuth 2.0, and LTI

  • 16.15 – Break

  • 16.30 – Walkthrough examples and Q&A with specialist breakout groups as needed


Registration is required.

Participation is limited to 1EdTech Contributing, Affiliate, and Learning Tools and Content Alliance Members.