1EdTech Technical Congress 2021


1EdTech Members Only

Wednesday, 4 August 2021


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All times listed are in Eastern Daylight Time

9:00–9:45 AM

1EdTech Technical Progress Review

An update on the current status and plans of workgroups and specifications.

  • Introduction by Mark Leuba and presented by Group Leaders and 1EdTech Program Managers

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10:00–10:45 AM

Get the Advantage: Migrating to LTI 1.3 and LTI Advantage

Learn how to migrate your product from legacy, discontinued versions of LTI to the latest supported version and see the tools available to help you test and certify.

  • Led by Dereck Haskins and Bracken Mosbacker

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The State of eAssessment

Participants will learn about new features and improvements in QTI 3.0 and open standards for accessibility.

  • Led by the QTI Project Group Chairs: Thomas Hoffmann (OAT), Jason Craft (Pearson), and Wyatt Vanderstucken (ETS)

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10:00–11:45 AM

CLR Connect-a-Thon

Members will showcase “CLR Stories” of CLR projects at their institutions and demonstrate the interoperability of CLR records between CLR Provider platforms and CLR Consumer platforms. Featuring Walden University, Mastery Transcript Consortium (MTC), AEFIS, RANDA, and Territorium.

  • Led by Dan Blickensderfer and Andy Miller

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11:00–11:45 AM

Certifying LTI Advantage & Certification Process Overview

Attendees will learn about the 1EdTech Certification Suite and see the step-by-step process for certifying LTI Advantage.

  • Led by Dereck Haskins and Bracken Mosbacker

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Standards First and Compatibility Check Walkthrough

Learn about the benefits of the Standards First program and see the Compatibility Check (CCx) tool to show how integrations will perform in actual field situations.

  • Led by Lisa Mattson

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12:00–12:45 PM

Privacy and Security Rubric with Security Framework Update

Learn about 1EdTech’s privacy and security rubric, which lies at the heart of the TrustEd Apps program, and see how 1EdTech specifications implement leading security standards in the edtech ecosystem.

  • Presented by Markus Gylling, Kevin Lewis, and Colin Smythe

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12:45–1:15 PM
1:15–2:00 PM

Leveraging the Common Data Model

Attendees will see how the Common Data Model is used to publish the Student Learning Data Model, specifications such as Edu-API, and other API innovations.

  • Led by Markus Gylling and Joshua McGhee

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1EdTech Process Updates and Q&A

Learn about the 1EdTech Support Site and where to start with your questions. Also, get updates on the Certification Requirements process and data consumer-side certification.

  • Led by Lisa Mattson

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1:15–3:00 PM

CASE Pathways Task Force Kickoff

Contributing Members only

Join us for the kickoff, charter review, and discussion on this task force, developing the roadmap for authoring Pathways in a CASE framework.

  • Led by Kathryn Green and Bracken Mosbacker

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2:15–3:00 PM

Edu-API: Overview of the MVP

Attendees will learn about the Edu-API minimum viable product, the first targeted release of a new paradigm for HED data exchange with a vision for K-20 coverage longer term. Learn about the status of the work, the use cases covered, and explore a new binding that supports “Pub-Sub” and external vocabularies.

  • Led by Joshua McGhee

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3:15–4:00 PM

Grade Passback with OneRoster 1.2

The 1EdTech OneRoster 1.2 specification includes a significant improvement in the capabilities for reporting Gradebook information. The core Gradebook Service has many new endpoints including support for mapping between score scales. A new set of endpoints have been defined to enable detailed score pass-back. This session will focus on the new gradebook/assessment result reporting features in OneRoster 1.2.

  • Led by Joshua McGhee

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Cross-Specification Architecture Topics

An update on the set of cross-specification frameworks that 1EdTech is developing. The set of frameworks cover: Security, Versioning, Extensibility, Privacy, Vocabularies, REST/JSON Services APIs, and Publish/Subscribe Service APIs.

  • Led by Colin Smythe

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4:15–5:00 PM

Open Discussion: Member Topics and Q&A

Members are invited to submit comments and questions about the day’s program—or any 1EdTech topic—and to participate in open discussion.

  • Led by Mark Leuba

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