Alternative Credentialing in Higher Education

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10 Jul 2017 -
1:00pm to 2:00pm
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IMS Webinars

The one-hour webinar will serve as the introduction to ELI Focus Session on Microcredentials and Digital Badging in Higher Education, which will take plan on July 12. This session is a repeat of a panel discussion that took place at the EDUCAUSE 2016 Annual Conference.

Alternative Credentialing in Higher Education

Proof of skill attainment through alternative credentialing has gone mainstream. Microcredentialing and digital badging have become credible ways to codify achievements and nanodegrees—programs specifically targeted to develop industry skills, especially in technical areas—have gained acceptance and even encouragement from business. This session will define and describe the emergence of badging, microcredentialing, and nanodegrees, along with the role that technology plays in enabling these models and the impact they have on higher education.

Outcomes: Learn about microcredentialing and digital badging as valid records of learning * Compare and contrast microcredentialing with a traditional credit * Discuss the impact of alternative credentialing on higher education