CCSSO EIMAC Fall 2019 Summit

St. Paul, Minnesota


Interoperability ROI: Maximize Your State’s Return on Instruction

Wednesday, 16 October

States and school districts are investing heavily in educational technology to transform the teaching and learning process and prepare students for college and career. Providing access to a wide variety of learning tools, instructional applications, and online assessments is a critical step in a district's evolution to digital. When easily integrated into daily activities, these resources can help improve student engagement, reduce administrative tasks for teachers, and provide actionable information to improve student outcomes. However, digital transformation can't happen if a district's products don't work well together. Hear from state leaders collaborating—as members of 1EdTech Consortium—on interoperability initiatives that are having a learning impact on students around the globe. Participants will discover practical and sustainable ways to support digital transformation and maximize the return on instruction.
  • Dawn Cameron, Supervisor, Science, Alternate and EL Assessments, Minnesota Department of Education
  • Patches Hill, Director, Technology Resources and Data Development, Delaware Department of Education
  • Dan Ralyea, Director, Office of Research & Data Analysis, South Carolina Department of Education
  • Annette Smith, Director of Instructional Media & Technology at Wisconsin Department of Public Instruction


  • Bruce Umpstead, Director of State Programs, 1EdTech Consortium