Council of the Great City Schools

Atlanta, Georgia


1EdTech is a Diamond Sponsor of the CGCS Chief Information Officers Conference.

How to Enable an Interoperable Digital Learning Ecosystem that Cultivates a Culture of Student Data Privacy.

K-12 districts are investing in various digital learning tools and content to create more engaging, relevant, and accessible learning experiences. As K-12 districts accelerate their adoption of digital resources for learning, there are challenges with the interoperability of content originating from multiple sources and in various formats. Likewise, the task of reviewing the privacy policies of so many new applications can also be overwhelming. Learn about the K-12 community developed groundbreaking interoperability standards revolutionizing the teaching and learning experience and get expert advice on the best ways to facilitate your edtech integration and vetting.


  • Tim Clark, Vice President, K-12 Programs, 1EdTech Consortium (moderator)
  • Emily Bell, Chief Information Officer, Fulton County Schools
  • Tricia Kennedy, Executive Director, Instructional Development, Gwinnett County Public Schools
  • Monica Watts, Director of K-12 Engagement, 1EdTech Consortium