Edu-Tech 2018

San Antonio, Texas
Edu-Tech and Edu-Tech Academics are invitation-only summits designed for Chiefs and Directors of Technology and Curriculum & Instruction from K-12 school districts with enrollments of 15,000+ students. It provides a forum to collaborate, strategize and discover innovative solutions for the challenges faced by the K-12 instructional and technology departments. Unlike other industry programs, Edu-Tech and Edu-Tech Academics are events that offer true collaboration that feature targeted sessions that are facilitated by fellow heads of academics and technology with a focus on supporting district-level curriculum and technology initiatives. For more information visit or contact

Implementing a Digital Transformation Strategy for Educational Improvement

Student-centered learning is achievable when technology works together to ease the way. K-12 districts are establishing technology ecosystems that allow for flexibility and choice, in selecting the digital tools and learning resources that educators want and students need, and enabling them to work together seamlessly. Getting to this pervasive ecosystem requires leadership, collaboration, and a strategy for how to apply technology at scale to improve and personalize instruction without costly customized integrations of online content and resources. Learn what leaders and innovators in K-12 are doing to achieve their educational objectives by moving from a glut of digital tools operating in silos to an educational technology ecosystem that allows educators to implement new instructional strategies and supports the evolution to next generation personalized learning.
Presenter: Jill Hobson, Institutional Program Manager, 1EdTech Consortium

EdTech rEvolution Leadership Program

Roundtable Discussion (follow-up to presentation above)