Education Business Forum

New York, NY
Why Can't We All Get Along, Don't Make Me Change:
o My product to fit your system
o My system to accommodate your content
o The way I teach to fit your system
o The way I use your data for analytics.
If your product promises ease-of-use, personalization, or individualized
instruction, you'd better know what your buyer expects from you. Two
education buyers, one in K12 and one in Higher Ed, will evaluate two edtech
products based on whether those products' interoperability features are
robust enough for their needs, and then all sides will negotiate, discuss,
dispute, and argue to see if they can reach common ground.
Mitchell Weisburgh, Founder and Managing Partner, Academic Business
Advisors, LLC
Melissa Sinunu, Classworks
Thomas  Stratmann, Vizzit LLC
Maya Georgieva, NYU
Tricia Kennedy, Gwinnett County Public Schools