Philadelphia, Pennsylvania & Online


Tuesday, 26 October, 5:00–6:00 p.m. ET

1EdTech Member Reception



Wednesday, 27 October, 3:30–4:15 p.m. ET

Leading Through Change to Meet the Needs of Learners

The massive impact of the pandemic has put a point of emphasis on something we already knew: higher education and edtech must evolve to be more flexible and adaptive to meet the changing needs of learners. The pandemic has given all of us the chance to consider what changes we may need to sustain. How can we position our institutions to be responsive to change, lower the barriers to innovation, increase equity and access, and be ready to meet the challenges emerging in today's higher education landscape? Hear how institutions are collaborating to lead in the areas of digital credentials, ecosystem interoperability, learning analytics, and the transition from education to the workforce to support today's ongoing needs and what comes next.


  • Andrea Deau, Senior Director of Higher Education Programs, 1EdTech Consortium (moderator)
  • Michael G. Cato, Senior Vice President and Chief Information Officer, Bowdoin College
  • Melissa Woo, Executive Vice President for Administration and Chief Information Officer, Michigan State University
  • Jennifer Sparrow, Ed.D., Deputy CIO and Associate Vice President for Teaching and Learning with Technology, Penn State University


Thursday, 28 October, 8:00–8:45 a.m. ET

How Digital Credentials Can Power the Transition from Education to Employment

The future success of our students as they enter and re-enter the workforce largely depends on their higher education learning and experiences. Digital credentials allow learners to identify, verify, and share all of the knowledge, skills, and abilities mastered at our institutions that will help them advance their careers. We're going to share three examples from different institutions designing pathways to today's high-demand occupations and industries using digital credentials. Our programs include digital badges for accessible and affordable workforce training and continuing education, stackable microcredentials for career pathways, and badges embedded in coursework and asynchronous modules to fill the technology skills gaps. We'll focus on showing you how we started our programs, the big lessons we've learned, and guide you on how to get started or grow your program.


  • Kelly Hoyland, Higher Education Program Manager, 1EdTech Consortium (moderator)
  • Anne Reed, Director Office of Micro-Credentials, University at Buffalo
  • Jack Suess, Vice President of IT & CIO, University of Maryland, Baltimore County