ELI 2018

New Orleans, Louisiana

Open Discussion on LTI Advantage: The Next Generation of Integration to Support NGDLE

Monday, January 29
11:15 a.m. - 12:45 p.m.
Session Type: Roundtable Discussion

Hotel: Marriott New Orleans
Meeting room: Galerie 6, Second Floor

Until now a deeply integrated plug-and-play tool has been a bit of a mirage in the edtech landscape, often requiring custom APIs and behind the scenes smoke and mirrors that create the illusion of a seamless environment. The introduction of LTI Advantage by 1EdTech Consortium turns this mirage into reality by solving crucial pain points that impact teaching and learning and keep institutions from moving closer to realizing their vision of NGDLE. In this special session, join 1EdTech members and staff in a collaborative discussion on three difficult areas in the course design and teaching process that detract from innovation. Discover how LTI Advantage and strategic procurement practices at multiple adoption levels can help institutions take the next steps to realizing NGDLE.

A Blueprint for Enabling Academic Transformation

Monday, January 29
4:00-4:45 p.m.
Session Type: Interactive Presentation

Educational technology plays a crucial role in enabling academic transformation. Edtech products are increasingly conforming to the interoperability that enables learning and innovation. When these products are trusted to work together they support a diversity of new learning models that improve the experiences of learners and educators. Shaping this learning ecosystem requires strong collaboration, and procurement and implementation strategies for both IT leadership and academic leadership. Take part in an interactive discussion and debate about what is needed to get to a pervasive ecosystem where institutions can realize better integration, better user experiences, and better learning from your educational technology.
Presenters: Rob Abel, Chief Executive Officer, 1EdTech Consortium; David Goodrum, Ed.D., Director of Academic Technology, Information Services, Oregon State University; Jennifer Sparrow, Senior Director for Teaching and Learning Technology, Penn State University