1EdTech Europe Summit 2020 Agenda (Day 1)

Update on the Work of 1EdTech and 1EdTech Europe

Monday, November 2


On the first day of the 1EdTech Europe Summit 2020, we will take you through the work being done in the 1EdTech community that focuses on Europe. We will share with you our ideas about the future and discuss your ideas about where things are going or should be going. The session ends with a panel discussion with higher education institutional leaders sharing their view on the edtech ecosystem and the role that standards play.




All times listed are in Central European Time

Morning Session


Welcome - Slides - Recording
By Nynke de Boer, Program Director 1EdTech Europe

Introduction - Foundations for Digital Transformation of Education - Slides - Recording

By Rob Abel, CEO at 1EdTech Consortium

There are now nearly 70 1EdTech member organizations headquartered in Europe, more than the total number of 1EdTech member organizations worldwide at the beginning of 2006. Can 1EdTech European members lead the deployment of an interoperable ecosystem that becomes the foundation for educational innovation across Europe? When educational institutions collaborate with edtech suppliers, together they can shape the future direction of the ecosystem and impact the lives of countless students. Rob Abel will provide a brief overview of 1EdTech progress and directions to help 1EdTech Europe members think about the future.


Pain points and potential in the European education ecosystem - Slides - Recording
By Beth Havinga, Founder at Connect EdTech | Managing Director at German Alliance for Education

Spanning diverse strategies from restrictive and conservative systems through to innovatively agile concepts, the European education ecosystem presents a broad spectrum of solutions. Regardless of their approach, many countries face similar challenges within the next five years.
Navigating expanding boundaries of interconnected learning spaces and digital equity, fluid requirements for hybrid teaching models, and the capturing and assessing of learning, changes within the European education ecosystem are increasingly fast-paced. Being driven by an acknowledged digital skills gap, the goals of education systems are also being revised to accommodate future of work and competency based models. Underlying issues of trust in education systems and digital solutions remain pivotal in data privacy and ownership discussions.
Drawing on examples from multiple countries, we’ll explore challenges faced by the entire European education ecosystem, similarities and differences between demands that are being placed on these environments, and the potential for sustainable growth opportunities.


Group discussion

Meet your peers and discuss where the 1EdTech Europe community can help you


Overview of the 1EdTech roadmap - Slides - Recording
By Colin Smythe, Chief Architect at 1EdTech Consortium

Learn about the essential technical elements forming the foundation for an EdTech ecosystem.

12:30 End of the morning session


Afternoon Session


By Nynke de Boer, Program Director 1EdTech Europe


Update on 1EdTech Europe - Slides - Recording
By Annette Grande Furset,  Senior Advisor at Unit and representative of EUNIS,  Markus Gylling, solutions architect at 1EdTech Consortium and Nynke de Boer, Program Director 1EdTech Europe.

The 1EdTech Europe community is growing and has a good group of active and engaging members. They are represented by the 1EdTech Europe Leadership board, a combination of Institutions, LMS providers and other vendors. The board mainly works on improving awareness of the 1EdTech work in Europe. In the two European Task Forces,  1EdTech Europe members collaborate to improve the 1EdTech standards for use in Europe.

This session provides you with an update of the work that is done. We will also discuss how you as an 1EdTech member can contribute to the work and help identify the most critical areas for our work moving forward.


How did we manage to move to online over the night - challenges and opportunities of pandemic COVID-19 for Croatian Higher Education? - Slides - Recording
By Dr. Sandra Kučina Softić, Assistant Director for Education and User Support at the University of Zagreb University Computing Centre SRCE and; President of European Distance and Learning Network EDEN

With the outbreak of the COVID-19 virus pandemic and lockdown in mid-March, Croatian higher education institutions had to move online in order to ensure the continuity of teaching and learning and finalisation of the academic year. However it was a challenge to make shift from dominantly face-to-face teaching to fully online teaching and learning. Higher education institutions and teachers used tools and technologies that were available to them at that time and enabled further teaching. Majority of them used the national e-learning platform Merlin maintained by the E-learning at the SRCE  who also provided support and help to teachers, students and institutions with additional guidelines and materials for teaching and learning in online environment as well as with number of online trainings and consultations for teachers. Although some continue to hope that students will soon return to classrooms, others see the COVID-19 crisis as a catalyst for educational organisations to implement online teaching and learning and to enhance its quality.


1EdTech Europe member Lightning Talk

COVID-19 effects in an online university and the role of 1EdTech standards - Slides - Recording
By Francesc Santanach, eLearn Lab team leader and EdTech Engineer at UOC eLearn Center

Universitat Oberta de Catalunya (UOC - Open University of Catalonia) is an online university since it was established in 1995. After 25 years of practicing online learning, apparently the pandemic shouldn't have had a serious effect on us. Actually, this is not totally true because we still have some face to face processes. In this lightning talk, we will walk through how to digitize the last UOC face to face process: the final examination and proctoring.


1EdTech Europe member Lightning Talk

Collaboration in Sweden on online learning - Slides - Recording
By Wietze de Vries, Product Owner LMS at Sunet

As the Swedish NREN, Sunet is working with the universities to improve online learning. During COVID-19, there was an immediate need to collaborate on one of the most challenging aspects of online learning: digital examination off campus. Student identification, monitoring during examinations, anonymous examination and plagiarism review were needs that had to be addressed very quickly. Learn how the collaboration between Sunet and the universities excelled during this difficult period.


Panel discussion -The institutional perspective: identifying critical focus areas in digital learning - Recording
Facilitator: Nynke de Boer, Program Director 1EdTech Europe

Panel members:

  • Gyöngyi Horváth, Community Support Officer at GÉANT
  • Andrew Law, Director of Business Innovation at The Open University UK
  • Jasmijn Jacobs-Wijn, Project Manager Digital Learning Environment at SURF
  • Dr Gill Ferrell, Relationship Manager and Learning and Teaching SIG  Leader at EUNIS

Closing remarks - Recording
By Nynke de Boer, Markus Gylling and Rob Abel, 1EdTech Consortium

15:00 End of the afternoon session