FETC 2016

Orlando, Florida
Beatriz Arnillas, Director Education Technology, Houston ISD
Rob Abel, Chief Executive Officer, 1EdTech
Diana Bidulescu, Education Technologist, Houston ISD
With digitization of learning came the challenge to create standard formats for the content that all publishers use, which can fit into any learning environment (LMS, CMS) so that our students have full access to the resources, regardless of their provenance. In this session the attendee will learn about about different formats for resources, how to they suport the type of resource, the type educational data each format enables, and how to talk with vendors about integration.
- Interoperability for Non-Techs
- Cross-team collaboration examples
- Strategies to effective digital content selection and integration
- Purchasing and logistics
- Talking to vendors about digital content
Skill Level: Beginner