FETC 2020

Miami, Florida

Demystifying Interoperability: Strategies to Support Digital Transformation

Tuesday, January 14, 10:30 AM - 12:30 PM 
Room: Lincoln Road E
School districts invest heavily in educational technology to improve student success and outcomes. Providing teachers and students with access to a variety of learning tools and digital curriculum resources creates more engaging, relevant, and accessible learning experiences. However, digital transformation can’t happen if these products don’t work well together. In this workshop, learn about the work being done by leading districts and member organizations to enable interoperability across hundreds of products to maximize a district’s return on investment in learning. Participants will discover practical and sustainable ways to engage edtech vendors and evolve your digital ecosystems. Then, go more in-depth with the district-focused resources that can help achieve a revolutionary learning impact for all students.
Speakers: Tim Clark, Vice President, K-12 Programs, 1EdTech Consortium; Paula Maylahn, Project Director Interoperability Initiatives, CoSN

CPALMS in CASE: Breaking Through on Academic Standards Alignment

Thursday, January 16, 11:00 AM - 11:40 AM
Room: Lincoln Road H
Teachers need to trust that their digital tools and resources will help students meet learning objectives. Official standards authors want assurance that their work is accurately represented and not subject to misinterpretation. Curriculum directors have to know that their educational technology suppliers align with official standards. How are these challenges solved? In this session, you will learn how CPALMS is partnering with 1EdTech Consortium in a breakthrough collaboration addressing the need to make alignment of digital resources and edtech products dramatically simpler and easier for Floria school districts—at no cost. Broward County Public Schools and School District of Lee County executives are joining to discuss what this collaboration means for their next-generation transcripts and learning analytics programs.
Speaker: Dan Gohl, Chief Academic Officer, Broward County Public Schools; Rabieh Razzouk, Founder and Director, CPALMS/Florida State University; Bruce Umpstead, Director of State Programs, 1EdTech Consortium

Guaranteed Interoperability in K-12: The Trusted 1EdTech Ecosystem

Thursday, January 16, 12:00 PM - 12:40 PM
Room: Lincoln Road E
Engage with district leaders at the forefront of a new collaboration working to establish guaranteed interoperability between rostering systems in K-12 school districts. 1EdTech is supported by a historic investment from a set of edtech leaders to accelerate large-scale, reliable, and secure interoperability. It is designed to result in “digital on day one” access to all learning resources through zero-cost zero-time integration. 1EdTech includes a scalable central registry, built-in security management, and a set of advanced testing services that ensure digital content providers and district platforms can connect easily and reliably. Learn more about this revolutionary breakthrough to have one trusted and innovative digital ecosystem and achieve data transparency for every institution and every student.
Speakers: Brian Blanton, Chief Information Officer, Henry County Schools; Tim Clark, Vice President, K-12 Programs, 1EdTech Consortium