LTI Fitness Session (EUNIS22 Workshop)

Göttingen, Germany


May 31, 2022 | 2:00–6:00 PM

LTI fitness session: your learning ecosystem health check

How to book: this workshop is offered free of charge. You do not have to be a registered Congress delegate to attend. Workshops must be booked separately from the main Congress registration using this booking form.

Open standards are great because they’re open! Anyone can use them to simplify integration but there are good and bad implementation practices.

Learning Tools Interoperability (LTI) and LTI Advantage are open standards that offer a simple way to integrate educational software, resources, and tools, allowing for a secure, seamless experience for learners and teachers.

Join our LTI fitness session to find out how you can develop a healthy ecosystem.

  • Part one – is our general seminar for a wide audience
  • Part two – is a hackathon for LTI fitness enthusiasts

Topics to be covered include:

Introduction to LTI: what it is and why you should use it

Platform X-Ray: there are important differences in how the major learning management systems manage interoperability. We will give you an inside look at a reference implementation that emulates how each of the major platforms operates so that you can design accordingly.

User Zen: user error is a developer’s worst nightmare. You might design a tool that works brilliantly but how well does it manage all the incorrect scenarios that your users can throw at it? Learn how to design your tools to be user-proof.

Staying safe: apps are a vulnerability to your network. Can you trust your tool vendors? How do you make life easy for users with single sign-on yet ensure due diligence with regard to security? Learn how to ensure your security is robust and you aren’t using the standard in risky ways.

Living without Cookies: OpenID connect requires cookies but many browsers don’t like them. Find out the latest cookie replacement technique to keep your integrations working smoothly.

Hackathon marathon: bring your own code base, use our reference apps or use our community’s libraries to create your own app.

The session will be led by two of Europe’s leading LTI experts.

Who should attend: learning technologists, developers, security specialists, and anyone working with open-source learning tools and resources. The first session is relevant to a wide audience. The hackathon requires a basic knowledge of LTI.

Why attend: learn best practices (and what to avoid) when implementing the LTI standard. Reduce integration time from weeks to hours.


  • Antoni Bertran, Open University of Catalonia and 3&punt Solucions Informàtiques
  • Martin Lenord, Turnitin