Micro-credentialing—Implications for Lifelong Learners and the Workplace

Melbourne, Australia


Micro-credentials: 1EdTech Consortium overview

Digital credentials are changing the way we think about and represent learning, competencies, and achievements inside and outside of the institution. New employment opportunities and work requirements mean that learners are pursuing learning with a focus on improving their employability. Student mobility and lifelong learning mean that skills and competencies need to be represented in ways that transcend the boundaries of language and culture, for institutions as well as employers.
An increasing number of organisations are collaborating within 1EdTech Consortium to develop standards to facilitate the exchange of competency-based data and achievements to meet the demands of modern education and employment. Join us for an overview of the evolving digital credentials landscape and 1EdTech standards. Topics will include updates on the Open Badges 2.0 (OBv2) standard, a comprehensive learner record, and a developing standard for exchanging digital credentials between platforms as well as a discussion on 1EdTech’s strategic collaboration with Credential Engine.
Presentation followed by 15-minute Q&A session.
Facilitated by Dr. Kathryn Coleman, University of Melbourne
Virtual participation by Mark Leuba, 1EdTech Consortium, and Dr. Deborah Everhart, Learning Objects