Rochester, New York


Monday, November 21  |  2:45-3:45 PM

Debunking Security Myths in Education

Following an unprecedented year of cyberattacks, our schools must recognize that we all play a role to thwart these attacks. A strong IT department is not successful until it has the support of the school community. The digital education ecosystem includes a variety of students, teachers, and staff with a wide range of unique needs that require protection. Healthy, proactive cybersecurity practices are essential, and it is up to all members of the education community to create innovative responses and safeguards that will make a true difference in the wake of growing cyber challenges. New York Ed Law 2D is not just the Tech Director or Data Protection Officer's responsibility. We will take the discussion to the next level in an interactive game for all to participate: Debunk Security Myths in Education.Our main objectives will be to look at cybersecurity with a holistic approach. We will also aim to gamify the learning experience with hopes that the learning (which can sometimes be overly "techy") will be fun and interactive. Our presenters have a diverse range of backgrounds and experiences that will help explore this topic from various lenses.


  • Laurie Guyon, Administrator, WSWHE BOCES
  • Michael Drezek, District Technology Integrator/TOSA, Lake Shore CSD
  • Marialice Curran
  • Jaime Donnally, Author | Speaker, ARVRinEDU
  • Katherine Carney, Director of K-12 Engagement, 1EdTech