OEB Global 2017

Berlin, Germany

Launching a Digital Badging Program: a Roadmap for Connecting Educators, Learners and Employers

Friday,  8 December
12:00  – 13:15  
Digital credentials will change the way we think about and represent learning, competencies, and achievement inside and outside an institution. Organisations including the 1EdTech Consortium are collaborating to develop standards to facilitate the exchange of competency-based data and achievements via a secure, verifiable framework for open badges. Presenters will detail their programs, review lessons learned, share results, and discuss the opportunities for learners digitally to market 21st century skills. Join to hear about best practice and innovations which are enabling an EdTech ecosystem that allows learners to demonstrate evidence of the depth of their learning, and facilitates connections among educators, learners, and employers.
Panelists: Thomas Golightly, Southmead Primary School, UK; Markus Gylling, 1EdTech Consortium, Sweden; Tim Riches, Digital Me, UK; Illona Buchem, Open Badge Network, Germany