Scaling Personalization in a Digital Age


1EdTech EdTech Leaders Webinar: Scaling Personalization in a Digital Age

Event Date: Thursday, 15 August 2019
Event Time: 3:00-4:00 PM EDT

Universal Design for Learning guidelines emphasize representing course content in different modalities to increase student choice when engaging with learning materials. However, scaling this kind of personalization can be a challenge. Accessibility issues with digital materials in the LMS create barriers for students who rely on assistive technologies as well as compromise the usability of content for all students. We'll look at data from student and instructor usage of Blackboard Ally to understand how we can address these challenges. Data from student usage of Blackboard Ally's "alternative formats" help reveal trends and self-reported benefits of the automated alternative formats, which include HMTL, ePub, Electronic Braille, MP3, and Language Translations. Data from instructor usage of Blackboard Ally's accessibility feedback provide evidence and guidance that can spark instructor awareness and prompt action—helping institutions take a proactive approach to accessibility and inclusive learning for all students.

  • John Scott, Product Manager, Blackboard
  • Dr. Melissa Hortman, Ed.D., Director of Instructional Technology, Medical University of South Carolina

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