The Student Data Privacy Landscape



The Student Data Privacy Landscape: How to Set Yourself up for Successful SDP Management This Year

Student data privacy remains a top priority for senior technology leaders. Increasing attention to student data use is also occurring at state capitals and in district school board meetings across the country. How do you best ensure your district is aware of this changing landscape, and prepared to meet growing compliance needs and risks associated with securing user and district data?   

In this webinar, leading voices in student data privacy Kevin Lewis, Data privacy officer from 1EdTech Consortium, Jim Siegl senior technologist at the Future of Privacy Forum, and Jim Farmer, Chief Technology Officer at Fayette County Public Schools, will lead a discussion with insights including:

  • The latest in regulations and publishing requirements.
  • What their organizations are doing to support districts in managing learning apps.
  • Important resources and technologies you can employ to maintain control of your edtech app ecosystem – at all times.