New Orleans, Louisiana


Bridging Education and Employment via the Comprehensive Learner Record

Wednesday, February 5    |    4:15 PM - 5:15 PM
Track: The New Credential Landscape
Discover a new open standard designed to enable a transformative skills-based ecosystem where learners are empowered to leverage digital credentials as valuable currency for their educational and professional advancement. The Comprehensive Learner Record (CLR) supports lifelong learning. It is an ideal vehicle for presenting a 360-degree view of knowledge and skills that go beyond formal education and training. Join a conversation with institutional leaders who are implementing this next-generation, secure digital record. Learn how CLR provides a complete picture of verifiable learning experiences and achievements—with relevant information—easily shared online to meet employer expectations. CLR can also enhance a learner’s plan or pathway toward their goals. See the value CLR brings a learner wanting to continue their education or enter the workforce demonstrating verified knowledge and skills for their preferred job role or career.
Speakers: Suzanne Carbonaro, Director of Client Success, AEFIS; Susan Donat, Ph.D., Assistant Director of Curriculum and Assessment, Messiah College; Mark Leuba, Vice President, Product Management, 1EdTech Consortium