Webinar: Districts' Push for "Interoperability": Managing the Sea of Ed-Tech Content

Education Week Webinar
Districts' Push for “Interoperability”: Managing the Sea of Ed-Tech Content
This webinar takes place on December 17, 2015 @ 12 p.m. ET
K-12 districts have struggled for years to manage the flood of data and content provided by different ed-tech vendors providing curriculum and instructional tools in their districts. Too often, administrators, teachers, and students are stuck trying to navigate a sea of different sign-ons and systems for all the various educational software and systems in use across their schools. 
But now, a growing number of districts are trying to clear through that muddle by requiring “interoperability” of ed-tech vendors—basically, asking them to ensure that their systems mesh with one another. The goal is to create a level of compatibility that allows K-12 users to access the content they want, without having to wade through different commercial providers’ websites or proprietary systems. 
In this webinar, a pair of guests who are deeply familiar with the work of K-12 districts, and with interoperability, describe the benefits and challenges for K-12 officials in implementing the policy.
• Kecia Ray, executive director, Center for Digital Education, former executive director of learning technology, Metro Nashville school district
• Serena Sacks, chief information officer, Fulton County, Ga., school district
• Sean Cavanagh, associate editor, Education Week