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Service Group: ExampleGroupSyncServices

WSDL File Information --------------------- Services: ExampleGroup (Synchronous Communications) Author: Colin Smythe Date: 1st May, 2005 Version: 1.0 Status: Final Comments: This is an example of a service group comment. History: Initial File Copyright: 2005 (c) 1EdTech Consortium Inc. All Rights Reserved. 1EdTech Consortium, Inc. (1EdTech) is publishing the information contained in this binding (ÒSpecificationÓ) for purposes of scientific experimental and scholarly collaboration only. 1EdTech makes no warranty or representation regarding the accuracy or completeness of the Specification. This material is provided on an ÒAs IsÓ and ÒAs Available basisÓ. The Specification is at all times subject to change and revision without notice. It is your sole responsibility to evaluate the usefulness, accuracy and completeness of the Specification as it relates to you. 1EdTech would appreciate receiving your comments and suggestions. Please contact 1EdTech through our website at: UML Source File Information --------------------------- Choreography: Sync Transport: Soap Source XSLT File Information ---------------------------- XSL Generator: UMLtoWSDLTransformv0p6.xsl XSLT Processor: Xalan Release: 6.0 Alpha Date: 30th April, 2005 Auto-generation Tool -------------------- This XSD was auto-generated using the 1EdTech WSDL/XSD auto-generation tool. While every attempt has been made to ensure that this tool auto-generates the XSDs correctly, users should be aware that this is an experimental tool. Permission is given to make use of this tool. 1EdTech makes no claim on the materials created by third party users of this tool. Details on how to use this tool are contained in the 1EdTech document: "1EdTech General Web Services: WSDL/XSD Binding Auto-generation" available at the 1EdTech web-site. Tool Copyright: 2005 (c) 1EdTech Consortium Inc. All Rights Reserved.

Service: EgServiceNameSyncService



Binding CoreOperationsNameSyncSoapBinding
Address http://www.example/services/serviceuri/CoreOperationsNameSyncSoap/


Input: createObjectRequest
Output: createObjectResponse


Input: deleteObjectRequest
Output: deleteObjectResponse


Input: readObjectRequest
Output: readObjectResponse


Input: updateObjectRequest
Output: updateObjectResponse


Input: replaceObjectRequest
Output: replaceObjectResponse