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Examining Test Integrity and Proctoring

  • Scott Foote, Chief Information Security Officer, Examity
  • Shailu Tipparaju, Chief Innovation Officer, Examity
  • Moderator: Mark Leuba, Vice President, Product Management, 1EdTech

The massive move to purely or hybrid online delivery of learning in the wake of the pandemic necessitated introducing new capabilities around institutional practices that had previously been handled largely in person, including exam proctoring. The introduction of the 1EdTech LTI Proctoring Service facilitates an easier and more secure integration mechanism for schools. Still, concerns and questions remain about privacy, data security and confidentiality, and best online proctoring practices. See how one provider addresses these concerns to provide the best possible experience for institutions, instructors, and students.

"Please remember this one through transparency. The best thing any of us can do as providers and stewards of private information on behalf of consumers is to provide transparency."