Learning Impact Virtual Series Diamond Sponsor: Microsoft

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EdTech Leaders Perspectives: An Interview with Microsoft

  • Anthony Salcito, Vice President of Worldwide Education, Microsoft

Anthony Salcito explains that while the perception, for years, is that technology makes teachers' contributions less valuable, just the opposite is happening now. Teachers' use of technology is increasing their value and appreciation. He notes that planning for fall needs to be occurring right now, taking the lessons learned from the remote experience and blending them with the classroom's value. Anthony sees the future as the blending of a large variety of tools working together and that institutional technology plans must forever change to consider extending beyond the campus. 1EdTech work is now more critical than ever to reduce complexity while continuing to focus on privacy and security.

"I think everyone would say the role of teachers is more appreciated and valued now than ever before because the transparency of what goes on in the classrooms showing up on the kitchen table."

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