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EdTech Leaders Perspectives: An Interview with Sakai

  • Charles Severance, Ph.D., Clinical Professor, University of Michigan School of Information, and Chair of the Sakai Project Management Committee

Dr. Chuck notes that community building and the need to connect with students and make them feel secure in this new online setting is a high priority. He sees a renewed interest in pedagogy from colleagues who want to find new ways of engaging students online. Dr. Chuck credits 1EdTech work, and the increased use of a diverse set of technologies, as reasons that it was a smaller step than expected to go online.

"I see a lot of interest in building things over the summer that have never existed to meet new pedagogic requirements. LTI, of course, is critical to that because...[it] allows us to whip up a thing for one class and say let's try and experiment. I think we're going to see a lot more agile using and building of LTI tools."

Yes, I would like to learn more about Sakai!


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