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How to Provide Students with Anytime-Anywhere Learning

  • Lance Key, Future Ready Support Specialist, Putnam County School System and Putnam County VITAL

Districts need interoperability between content and systems. By streamlining access to integrated digital content, you get more choices in learning resources and assessments and increased flexibility and accessibility. Putnam County School System in Tennessee is doing this by working with Savvas Learning Company to implement Thin Common Cartridge. This 1EdTech standard enables the district to manage its digital curriculum centrally and allows students to get to the content they need when they need it quickly and easily. Evaluate if your district is ready for Thin Common Cartridge and learn best practices for implementing it. We'll also discuss strategies for working with your edtech partners to make back-to-school 2020 a success.

"A Common Cartridge file allows us to do many things. It takes all the content that a provider has for you, and it puts it all in one place for us. And it makes it work for all of our students and all of our teachers."

See how Savvas Learning Company integrates its world-class content into a third-party LMS.

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