1EdTech Announces Caliper Analytics Progress and Plans

Caliper v1.1 Release, Formation of Executive Product Steering Committee, and Future Support for xAPI are in the Works

LAKE MARY, Florida, 13 March 2017 – 1EdTech Consortium (1EdTech), the world leader in EdTech interoperability and innovation, announced plans for the next year in support of the emerging field of learning analytics.

The public release of 1EdTech Caliper Analytics® v1.1 is targeted for May 2017. Caliper is a set of APIs and semantic data vocabularies for enabling widespread, low cost real-time sharing of data to help students, teachers and educational institutions understand progress and improve success. Eighteen leading learning platforms, tools and publisher products have achieved Caliper v1.0 certification. Caliper v1.1 brings a refined and extended vocabulary for describing learning events, including a new, simple profile for capturing tool usage statistics. The specification now provides improved efficiency of over-the-wire transmissions as well as guidance on conformance certification for endpoints receiving Caliper events.

To support the future evolution of Caliper, 1EdTech is organizing a new executive Product Steering Committee to facilitate market feedback and guide the market requirements for Caliper going forward. Mike Sharkey of Blackboard, formerly with Blue Canary and University of Phoenix, will be the inaugural chair of the steering committee.

“It is great to see the rapid adoption of Caliper among leading sector suppliers and institutions,” said Mike Sharkey, vice president of analytics at Blackboard. “As we continue to see growth in the learning analytics space, the formation of the new 1EdTech steering committee will help to focus on key use cases that will accelerate progress for all stakeholders.”

1EdTech is also announcing plans to support edtech suppliers who have been using the Experience API™ (xAPI) specification from the Advanced Distributed Learning (ADL) Initiative.  1EdTech has been working closely with ADL over the past year to explore areas of convergence for Caliper and xAPI. To further this collaboration, 1EdTech is exploring ideas for compatibility with xAPI profiles and a new 1EdTech certification community to enable formal xAPI adoption and support for those edtech suppliers that desire it.

“ADL is very pleased and supportive of 1EdTech in researching a profile compatibility strategy and 1EdTech conformance and certification of edtech profiles for xAPI,” commented Jason Haag of the Advanced Distributed Learning Initiative. “We look forward to continuing our work with 1EdTech to further the field of learning analytics via xAPI and Caliper.” 

For more information on Caliper Analytics or the Caliper Executive Product Steering Committee, please send an email to

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