LTI & Caliper Developer Commons

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LTI & Caliper Developer Commons

Support for Member Institutions Developing In-House Learning Tools


We're launching the 1EdTech LTI/Caliper Developer Commons to build a developer peer community for advancing the use of the Learning Tools Interoperability® (LTI®) and Caliper Analytics® standards—and leveraging the relationship between these standards—so users get better access to learning activity data.

Who Should Participate?

1EdTech Contributing and Affiliate member institutions using LTI or Caliper to develop learning applications.



  • Attend regular meetings with your peers and 1EdTech technical staff to share knowledge, tackle issues, and identify use cases

  • Learn how to emit Caliper events from your LTI tools

  • Develop a shared code library

  • Get support to certify your in-house developed apps and tools using LTI or Caliper

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Contact HED Program Manager Kelly Hoyland at to get on the invitation list.