1EdTech Consortium Announces Formation of 1EdTech Japan Society

Leading Japanese e-Learning, Publishing and Education Organizations Cooperate to Further Development and Adoption of 1EdTech Open Standards 

Lake Mary, Florida, USA – April 26, 2016 - 1EdTech Consortium (1EdTech), the world leader in EdTech interoperability and impact, has announced that six leading Japanese organizations are forming 1EdTech Japan Society (“1EdTech Japan”) as a non-profit organization.  1EdTech Japan will provide leadership in the regional e-learning, publishing and education sectors to further the development and adoption of 1EdTech open standards. 1EdTech Japan will collaborate with 1EdTech to provide support to Japanese organizations and individuals seeking to benefit from the open ecosystem of interoperable products enabled by 1EdTech standards.

The formation of 1EdTech Japan was preceded by several successful workshops and seminars on 1EdTech standards in Japan with a focus on successful 1EdTech standards such as Learning Tools Interoperability® (LTI®), EDUPUB and Caliper Analytics™. The six organizations forming the initial 1EdTech Japan Board are: Digital Knowledge Inc., Hosei University, Japan Electronic Publishing Association, NetLearning Holdings Inc., Open University of Japan (OUJ), and Uchida Yoko Inc.

“We are very pleased that our partners in Japan have decided to take this very important step in building our long term relationship for the benefit of e-learning and education sector development in the region,” said Rob Abel, CEO of 1EdTech. “1EdTech Japan Society industry and education leaders are creating the foundation for next generation sector development by partnering with 1EdTech on open standards.”

Dr. Katsuhiko Shirai, Chancellor, OUJ said, “Japanese educational sectors and corporates need collaborative framework and eco-system for sustainable ICT-enhanced education. We consider 1EdTech standards and community are indispensable elements for our success.”

Mr. Noboru Ohkubo, President and CEO, Uchida Yoko Inc. comments, “Japanese K-12 education also need the standards for digital textbooks and big data analysis for education.” 

Mr. Toru Kishida, CEO, NetLearning Holdings Inc. said, “Japanese education sectors should participate in international standardization activities more in order to adapt the trends of internationalization and globalization.”

For Japanese organizations interested in 1EdTech Japan, please send email to .

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