Getting to Inclusive Education (Recorded Webinar)

Getting to Inclusive Education: Standards, Data, and Practice Link to Play Recorded Webinar

Accessibility has been a top-of-mind topic across education for several years now.  How are institutions doing in meeting the need for accessibility? Are institutions moving beyond accessibility to developing inclusive education?  This webinar will look at the evolution of course content accessibility from more than 6 years of anonymized data. We’ll examine key research items, correlate the research findings to the implications of the 1EdTech standards, and demonstrate how improved accessibility furthers inclusive design and provides for personal needs and preferences in the educational space.


Speakers: Scott Ready, Principal Strategist, Accessibility, Blackboard; John Scott, Ally Community Manager, Blackboard; Jess Thompson, Program Administrator, Accessible Technology Initiatives, Washington State Board for Community and Technical Colleges
Moderator: Samantha (Sam) Birk, HED Institutional Program Manager, 1EdTech Consortium
Event Date/Time: Friday, 15 June 2018
Duration (length of recorded session): 59 minutes




Ally Communication and Adoption Toolkit

Enhancing Accessibility through 1EdTech Standards



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