Browser Cookies and LTI

Cookie problems? We're on it.

1EdTech is working with platform and tool suppliers and institutional members participating in the LTI project group to address reported issues related to LTI integration disruptions.

The issues are actively evolving as new web browser (Chrome, Firefox, Safari, etc.) security policies are adopted and rolled out. These changes can impact integrations between platforms and tools which ultimately affect the student learning experience. 

1EdTech has worked to develop a set of best practice solutions to address these specific issues for current implementations of LTI and long-term solutions that avoid the use of cookies while maintaining high levels of security and integrity for LTI-enabled learning interactions. We have also been in communication with several of the browser companies to make them aware of the impact their security setting changes are having in the educational context and we will be reviewing the LTI related solutions with their architecture teams.


Get Involved

The Cookie/iFrame Task Force has been spun down as the technical solution has been deemed sufficient.  This work is now under the purview of the LTI project group.  If you have questions please contact the LTI Program manager Joshua McGhee.  For contributing members that would like to get involved please join us at the regularly scheduled LTI Project group meetings.  

The LTI Project group meets every Tuesday at 12:00 p.m. ET. Get meeting details here.


Learn More

To learn more about cookie-related issues and LTI, please visit:

1EdTech Support Center

LTI Roundtable for 1EdTech Members

1EdTech GitHub Repository

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