Caliper Analytics v1.1 Scenarios

The scenarios described below illustrate examples of the potential value of implementations using the 1EdTech Caliper Analytics® standard to improve the learning experience across universities or schools. This list is not comprehensive; there are other scenarios not detailed here.

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Understanding learner interactions across vendor tools

An instructor, seeking to augment the classroom environment for her learners, utilizes a video platform to create and post video assignments. Class discussions and Q&A sessions are conducted online using another service and she administers her course using a learning management system. These three services are provided by three vendors, three potential sources of learning data. Analyzing the interaction behaviors of her students in relation to the questions they pose about her course content is vital to understanding student comprehension and performance. Caliper allows the collection of learning data and addresses important issues such as who owns the data, managing privacy requirements, and bringing together data from diverse systems to analyze.

Understanding licensed value

Using the same Caliper data being collected at the course level in the prior scenario, but at the cohort or system level, can be leveraged to determine in aggregate how much usage a licensed tool is getting across a cohort or within a segment of students. This data could be used to determine when it is safe to perform upgrades when it is time to begin migration planning or other operational concerns with various learning tools.

Caliper Profiles

Caliper profiles essentially represent foundational usage scenarios. For a list of available profiles in Caliper 1.1, click here.