Enter the Connected Learning Innovation Challenge

The 3rd Connected Learning Innovation Community App Challenge is the ideal opportunity to gain wide recognition and exposure for the educational app or learning platform you have developed. This year, awards will be divided into three categories: 1) Best Institution-developed App, 2) Best Non-institution-developed App, and 3) Best LTI Implementation. Apps will be judged for awards based on the following criteria:

  • Version of the LTI specification adopted (utilized)
  • Level of success in a Moodle integration test
  • Overall feature set and functionality as depicted in the presentation video

Apps may be classified in any of the following categories. If your app submission does not fall under any of the categories listed, please select "Other" as the category type, then enter your self-identified category as part of your app description.

App frameworks App gateways Assessment
Classroom Content creation Collaboration
ePortfolio eText Grading
Homework Mobile Platforms
Specialty Video Other

Click here to view the current LTI catalog.

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